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2 November 2013

African Sexualities at Africa in Motion 2013

By Paula MartoneThe 30th October evening at Africa in Motion was dedicated to African sexualities and religion. The first film screened was God Loves Uganda, an astonishing testimony of the impact of the American Evangelical Church in Ugandan society and politics. Read more

28 October 2013

Petronella Tshuma Talks Censors, Encouragement & Of Good Report

By Leonie WoltersThe leading lady of Of Good Report, Petronella Tshuma, shares the highs and lows of starring in a controversial film. ‘...I think I’m doing something right.’ Read more

28 October 2013

AiM2013 Glasgow Update | 28/10/2013

By Rhea Lewis Africa in Motion 2013 launched its second year of events in Glasgow last Friday (25th Oct), and our Festival Assistant for the city, Rhea Lewis, is eager to share how things are going. We've had a fantastic opening weekend of events in Glasgow for the festival! This is the second year... Read more

25 October 2013

Director Amil Shivji wonders what the Shoeshine guy has to say

By Leonie WoltersWho are the young filmmakers in this year's Short Film Competition, and what makes them tick? We talk to Amil Shivji, the director of Shoeshine, about his filmmaking process: ‘...the thing that interested me the most is what the shoeshine guy has to say...’ Read more

20 October 2013

A Blank Screen

By Leonie Wolters Read more

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