This is the ARCHIVED WEBSITE for the 2013 Africa in Motion Film Festival.               For up-to-date information visit:

Africa in Motion Film Festival 2013

Twende! Africa on the Move 

Africa in Motion 2013 has been a tremendous success, with over 3,500 people attending our screenings of more than 50 African films, and our many complementary events. Thank you to our loyal and new audiences for flocking to see African films!

Our highlights video of the 2013 festival is now available, watch it here (directed by Duncan Cowles): 



Our festival theme for 2013 was Twende: Africa on the Move (“twende” is a Swahili wordwhich translates as “let’s go!”), capturing Africa’s diverse richness and beauty through movement. Using this overarching theme we devised a programme that encapsulates all types of movement.

Watch our trailer with for the 2013 festival (directed by Adam Barnett):

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